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Order and Chaos Duels Hack tool

Order and Chaos Duels Hack tool

Portrayal of the Game

As the inhabitants of Haradon keep on fighting the Saithions and the best warriors of Order and Chaos do fight with each other, an awesome, sweeping fiendishness hides in their middle…

Order and Chaos Duels Hack tool

A devilish god cast down long prior by his more established siblings Khalin, God of Order, and Kolki, Lord of Chaos, Velik intended to demonstrate that he had the ability to assume control Haradon for himself, in spite of the powers of both Order and Chaos. Vanquished by his own siblings previously he could do any genuine mischief, hundreds of years passed, and the legend of Velik and the Corruption was everything except overlooked.Order and Chaos Duels Hack tool

Yet, now, with Khalin and Kolki pre-involved with their own negligible quarrels and all of Haradon entangled in regional strife, Velik sees a chance to come back to mortal frame and utilize the world as his wound, evil play area by and by. Spread by blood contamination, the Corruption transforms living animals into thoughtless, fierce machines that do Velikâs offering as he sustains upon their souls. Groups all finished Haradon, one by one, soon tumble to the detestable torment.

With all the contention over the world, nobody has yet seen that the scourge and its wicked driving force had returned. Nonetheless, not every person is incognizant in regards to this approaching disease. A little band of explorers, drove by an incredible legend, the Card Dueler, could be the world’s just expectation…


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